Barbara Rutherford, a 68 year old pleasant woman, suffered from neck, shoulder, low back and knee pain for many years. "The pain in these joints is because of the osteoarthritis", explains Barbara and continues: "The pain was 7 or 8/10 and it effected my life so drastically that I had difficulty walking and I was unable to go shopping, do my gardening or even play with my grandchildren! ".

Barbara found temporary relief with medications such as NSAID's, conventional physical therapy, traction and corticosteroid injections. But recently, the local rheumatologist referred Barbara to ARC - Physical Therapy & Pain Center. "I was reluctant to receive the acupuncture but I decided to give it a try anyway", said Barbara.

After the first treatment Barbara was quite sore, but 7 treatments later a 60% improvement was noted. "The pain decreased from 8/10 to 3/10 and I can now walk much better, stand for longer periods of time which allows me to do some chores around the house. I even plan to resume my gardening! ", states Barbara.

Treatment included manual therapy, medical acupuncture, electrical stimulation, therapeutic exercise and prophylactic procedures. Barbara concludes: "The staff at ARC is great; they are knowledgeable, empathetic, very helpful and they educate and involve the patient in their care. I already recommend my husband to see them!"

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