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Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Condition Treated

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) is a condition of the body that, although poorly understood, is associated with symptoms of substantial fatigue, muscle pain, sore throat, emotional instability, and difficulty concentrating. These symptoms have been known to persist for six or more months. Although the cause for CFS is unknown, scientists believe it is an auto-immune disorder, which implies that certain cells in the body are directed to attack themselves. A virus or bacteria according to researchers may trigger CFS. Today, approximately 422 out of every 100,000 Americans suffer from CFS. Other research has linked CFS to those suffering from allergies.


Acupuncture has been shown to be highly effective with CFS patients. The use of acupuncture increases the circulatory system and removes toxins from the bloodstream. Herb supplements are available to relieve other side effects from CFS such as the sore throat and lack of concentration. The use of acupuncture releases endorphins in the body to assist in the fight or prevention of bacteria or viral infection.


Physical Therapy is beneficial to those with CFS for strengthening the musculoskeletal system. Those with CFS tend to avoid exercise because of fatigue and the body's muscles will break down. By maintaining the muscle tone, the negative effects of bedrest or being sedentary will be avoided. PT also builds endurance with cardiovascular training such as using the treadmill, bicycle, or swimming pool.