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Conditions Treated
What are the Causes?
Problems with the TMJ's can arise from stress, tooth grinding, misalignment of the TMJ and uneven bites causing undue strain to muscles controlling the TMJ. This chronic overuse of the muscles that control the TMJ results in muscle guarding and muscle tightness, which will impede the blood flow, and therefore restrict access to nutrition and oxygen necessary for healing. In turn this will lead to a vicious circle of even more muscle guarding, tightness and pain, and eventually to chronic headaches of all kinds, migraines, jaw, neck and earaches.
What are the Symptoms?
How to get rid of pain
What is TMJ Disorder?
TMJ stands for temporo-mandibular-joint, which are the right and left jaw joints. . These joints serve as hinges between the lower jaw and the skull, allowing free movement for chewing, speech, etc.

TMJ problems are characterized by pain, popping, and clicking in the area of the Temporo-Mandibular Joints, just in front of the ears.