Diane Kaiser had been suffering with severe back pain for fifteen years before coming to ARC Physical Therapy and Pain Center. Diane was having trouble walking any distances, performing household chores had become very difficult and getting going in the mornings was a long process. Diane said, “I had to sit in a straight back chair for about an hour before I could start my day”. Because Diane was in a lot of pain, she had been pro-active to treat her condition. Diane had seen an orthopedic surgeon and was diagnosed with osteoarthritis. In an effort to help her arthritis, she had taken anti-inflammatory medications, she had two spinal epidurals and two facet injections. All of which had no lasting affect on her condition and Diane was eager to try something new to help relieve her pain.

Her daughter told her about ARC Physical Therapy and Pain Center and the success they were having with other patients who have similar conditions. So, Diane decided she was ready to give it a try. At her first visit, Diane reported to the therapists that her pain level was an 8 out of 10 and it was recommended that she come to ARC three times a week for four weeks in order to tackle her pain level. While receiving treatment at ARC, Diane received manual physical therapy, massage therapy, acupuncture with stimulation and cupping. Diane was happy to express, “I was very impressed with Dr Wang’s knowledge and ability to locate the root of my problem in my spine”. Diane went on to say, “All the therapists took their time to explain everything, they were all so thorough and thoughtful by giving individual attention and really taking their time with me.”

After a month’s worth of treatments, Diane is able to get ready in the mornings in half the time. Diane said excitedly, “I am actually able to move around straight out of bed!”. Diane is now taking walks for exercise and her household chores have become much easier to perform. Her once level 8 out of 10 pain level is now down to a 1, even a 0 at times. Diane is happy to tell all her friends about her tremendous changes since her therapy.

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