Ella Frances Shaffer came to ARC Physical Therapy and Pain Center because she had been suffering with what she referred to as “severe” pain for years. The pain was a result of two back surgeries, in 2002 and 2003. Ella said, “The pain was so severe, I could hardly function properly to do my chores.” Ella reported that the pain was at a level 8 out of 10 when she started treatment at ARC Physical Therapy and Pain Center. “The pain was so severe it caused me to go into a deep depression. I had no energy to get up out of bed in the morning.”

Before coming to ARC, she had been seen by medical doctors and took pain medications that had little to no effect. Ella had come across an article about ARC Physical Therapy and Pain Center that inspired her to seek therapy. After her first treatment, Ella was  thrilled that she could stand up and walk in an upright position.

While receiving treatment at ARC, Ella was given acupuncture with electrical stimulation, moxibustion treatments, physical therapy and massage therapy. After a month of treatments, Ella reported her pain level to be down to a 1 and 0 out of 10. “It has been a drastic change in my lifestyle. I can now do all my chores, clean, cook, go out walking and have dinner out.”

Ella was not only happy with the results of her therapy, but she was also happy with the personal treatment she received from the therapists and acupuncturist. “They were all so helpful, showing concern for my misery. They were so polite and sweet to me!” Ella said that she is completely comfortable referring friends and family to ARC, because she knows they will receive the best possible care and treatment available.

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