Mary Platt, a youthful patient at ARC Physical Therapy and Pain Center, was unable to perform her everyday household tasks. She had been suffering since 1987 from pain caused by a curvature in her spine. Because she did not want to undergo surgery, she had resigned herself to living with pain.

Mary began to research acupuncture for treatment. After searching online, she found ARC Physical Therapy and Pain Center. After only four treatments, she felt a significant improvement. Aside from acupuncture, Mary also received massage therapy, physical therapy and exercise.

After 10 treatments, Mary can now resume all her activities, including those that require bending. One weekend, she even worked in her yard for over 2 ½ hours. She was amazed that she didn't have to stop because of pain.

Mary said that the staff at ARC is very knowledgeable, and takes their time giving individualized attention. She is very excited that she no longer has to live with pain. She is also having her husband come to ARC to receive treatment for chronic headaches.


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