Therapeutic Massage

Our highly educated, experienced and professional therapists apply their skilled techniques.

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Medical Massage

Medical Massage

Therapeutic massage techniques – such as deep stroking, acupressure and trigger point massage – are excellent tools for managing chronic and myofascial pain. This is achieved by increasing soft tissue and muscle flexibility, decreasing involuntary muscle spasm and contractions, edema reduction, increasing blood and lymphatic flow and reduction of metabolic waste products. Medical massage therapy goes far beyond the Swedish – or spa – massage because of its specific approach and multi-disciplinary input. As a physical modality, it has little to no risk of interaction with other treatments and can provide tremendous relief and resolution of pain. Medical massage may also help when medications are not effective or can’t be used.  Our highly educated, experienced and professional massage therapists apply their skilled techniques to accomplish the specific individual goals established in the treatment plan by the licensed physical therapist and the referring physician.

Key Benefits To Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy is designed to relax and loosen muscles, and to improve blood and lymph flow throughout the body. It also increases the flow of oxygen and nutrients to cells and body tissues. Massages reduce blood pressure and increase circulation. Additionally, massage therapy stimulates the release of endorphins – the body’s natural painkillers.

Massage Therapy provides a relaxed state of alertness, reduces mental stress and enhances the capacity for calm thinking and creativity.

Massage Therapy satisfies the need for a caring and nurturing touch, creates a feeling of well-being and reduces anxiety levels.

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