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Ryoko Elzey, A.P., D.O.M.

Ryoko believes her mission is to help people achieve optimum health. ARC Acupuncture welcomes her enthusiastic approach for patient care.

Native in Japan, Ryoko has been influenced by various natural approaches to maintain health; especially Kanpo (Japanese herbal protocol), which was her mother’s first choice for her children’s care.

After moving to the US, she has rediscovered the wonders of Oriental Medicine and decided to study Chinese Medicine including Acupuncture, Moxibustion, Herbology, Tui Na, and also other healing modalities including Body Talk & Access Bar.

Ryoko Graduated from Florida College of Integrative Medicine with a Masters degree with honors and is licensed as an Acupuncture Physician in Florida where she is passionate about integrating medicines that truly work for each patient.

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