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Roy Southwick had been suffering from a condition known as costochondritis for over nine months. This condition caused pain in the rib and sternum area. When Roy sought treatment, he reported his pain was a level 5 out of 10. Roy said, “This condition effects just about everything that involves using my arms and chest muscles. I’ve had to back off all my favorite pastimes, like handball, woodworking and accordion.” Roy went to the Mayo Clinic to confirm his condition. They prescribed some physical therapy and told Roy to avoid all activities that influenced his pain. Even with that change of lifestyle, he wasn’t getting much relief.

“I did some reading about acupuncture on the internet, and my physical therapist referred me to ARC,” he said. While receiving therapy at ARC Physical Therapy and Pain Center, Roy had acupuncture with electrical stimulation, manual therapy and manual mobilizations, as well as, cupping and moxibustion. When speaking about his experience regarding the beginning of his treatment, Roy said, “To be honest, I didn’t notice much difference after the first and second treatments, but then things started to slowly improve with each subsequent treatment. I was told up front by ARC that this would be the case.”

After 10 treatments at ARC, Roy’s pain level is down to a 0 out of 10. Roy was very relieved that he decided to come to ARC for treatment. “The pain I had in the center of my chest is gone, and I am slowly, but steadily, beginning to return to my favorite activities.” Roy described the staff at ARC, as very friendly, caring and knowledgeable professionals. “They took all the time necessary to listen and deal with all my concerns.” Roy also said he would feel comfortable referring anyone who needs help with pain management to ARC Physical Therapy and Pain Center.

Roy Southwick
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