Scoliosis, Back & Neck Pain

ARC Acupuncture provides personalized treatment programs tailored to treat your unique pain issue so that you can enjoy increased mobility and quality of life.


Success Stories From Our Patients – Scoliosis, Back and Neck Pain

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 Think you have to 'live with it?' Mary doesn’t anymore.

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Mary Platt

Her pain level is down from level 9 out of 10 to a 2 out of 10.

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Brenda Strickland

Thirty years of back pain gone!

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Annie Price

Able to ride again.

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William Gerlach

A pain in the neck can be worse than a nosy neighbor ...

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Wayne Free

Patient amazed at the relief she received from her chronic and life-altering back pain.

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Lori Campbell

Debilitating back pain can be managed.

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Ella Frances Shaffer
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