Pinched Nerve

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Success Stories From Our Patients – Pinched Nerve

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Jasmine Woodward had been suffering from a chronic stiff neck, but one day started feeling numbness in her hands and began experiencing headaches regularly. The movement in her neck became more limited and Jasmine was feeling tired and weak. She had no enthusiasm to undertake any activities. Jasmine no longer exercised daily and she said, “I was very unmotivated due to my symptoms, my condition was counter-productive to my lifestyle."

Jasmine went to her doctor, who diagnosed her with a pinched nerve and prescribed medication. Jasmine didn’t want to rely on the medication for relief, and her doctor told her that physical therapy was an option. Jasmine’s good friend highly recommended ARC Physical Therapy and Pain Center.

“I was very impressed," she said. "I liked the team approach at ARC. On my first visit, I worked with two therapists and an acupuncture and Chinese medicine physician. They each asked many questions to make an effort to understand my condition, really listened to my concerns, and took the time to thoroughly explain my treatment options.”

While receiving treatment at ARC, Jasmine had manual therapy and cervical and thorasic mobilizations focusing on hypomobile segments. She had soft tissue release and her scoliosis was treated. Also, she received medical acupuncture with stimulation. After a month of visits, Jasmine said, “The constant numbness in my hands is virtually gone. I feel more energetic to participate in physical activities. I have returned to yoga and daily walking. I feel motivated!”

Jasmine said that she would recommend ARC Physical Therapy and Pain Center to anyone seeking pain relief. She  “Everyone in the office, from the front desk to the medical staff, was very customer service-oriented!”

You don’t have to rely on medication to be pain-free!

Jasmine Woodward
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