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Success Stories From Our Patients – Sciatica

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Eris Belen, an active and driven 82-year-old, was recently a patient at ARC Physical Therapy and Pain Center. She had been suffering with sciatica down both sides of her legs for three months, and the pain just kept getting worse.

Eris was very upset that she couldn’t go to pilates or ride her bike, both of which she did three times a week. Eris decided that something had to be done, so she went to a sports clinic and received physical therapy, but Eris said, “I didn’t feel as though they addressed my problem, I didn’t get individualized attention.” Finally, a friend recommended that she come to ARC Physical Therapy and Pain Center.

Eris never had acupuncture before, but she said, “After the second treatment, I was already feeling some relief.” Eris received medical massage, manual therapy, acupuncture with stimulation and exercise instruction as part of her therapy at ARC. After a complete month of visits, Eris is now back to pilates, bike riding and cleaning. Eris said, “My pain was excruciating, I had to sit on a chair in the shower, it was so bad. On a scale of 1 to 10, my pain was a 10. Now it is a 0.”

Eris was impressed with the individualized attention she received at ARC Physical Therapy and Pain Center.  "The staff was very professional and showed that they genuinely cared about the patients.” Eris now carries ARC business cards and gives them to her friends. “I believe 100% in the multi-disciplinary approach that ARC applies to their therapy!”

Eris Belen
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