Torn Rotator Cuff

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Success Stories From Our Patients – Torn Rotator Cuff

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For five months, Lloyd McCracken suffered from an impinged tendon and rotator cuff, with pain so bad it made him break out into a sweat. Lloyd was unable to perform any tasks that required repetitive motion. He couldn't lift his arm up over his head, and sometimes the pain was so bad it would take his breath away.

Lloyd went to an orthopedist for his shoulder, but did not receive relief. His wife's doctor recommended he come to ARC Physical Therapy and Pain Center for treatment. Lloyd was amazed that after his first treatment, he felt immediate relief. That night, for the first time in years, he was able to get his first good night's sleep.

Lloyd received acupuncture, acupuncture with stimulation, cupping, physical therapy and massage therapy. After one month of treatments, his pain decreased incredibly. When he started treatment, his pain was an 8/10. Now, there are times when his shoulder has absolutely no pain. When he is very active, the maximum pain he experiences is a 2/10. He no longer has to worry about breaking into a sweat or losing his breath due to his pain. His sleeping habits have improved and he says he "feels like a new person."

"Very conscientious of individual needs," is what Lloyd had to say about the staff at ARC Physical Therapy and Pain Center. He said that he had "... never been to a better-staffed place." Lloyd is so grateful that he doesn't have to live with the excruciating pain any longer, he feels as though coming to ARC Physical Therapy and Pain Center for treatment was the best thing he ever did in his life. Lloyd is so enthusiastic about his results that he hands out ARC's information pamphlets at every opportunity.

Lloyd McCracken

Norma Stuyvesant, a vibrant, good-humored, active 75-year-old,  was reading an article in Senior’s Today newspaper, and was inspired to seek therapy at ARC Physical Therapy and Pain Center. Norma had been suffering with a torn rotator cuff, much like the gentleman in the article. She had been suffering with pain for about a year, but, as the year rolled on, the pain got gradually worse.

Norma had gone to an orthopedist and received cortisone shots, which only worked for a couple of months. She sought help from a traditional physical therapy clinic, but it didn't relieve her pain. Norma was a little nervous about receiving acupuncture, but after her first treatment, she said, “After the treatment, I thought to myself, gee, that didn’t hurt a bit.”

While receiving therapy at ARC Physical Therapy and Pain Center, Norma had been given massage therapy, manual therapy, physical therapy, exercise instruction and acupuncture with stimulation. When Norma was almost done with her treatments, she said, “When I first came to ARC, I had a constant ache that would hurt more when I used my shoulder and now the ache is completely gone!” Norma said that when she came to ARC, her pain level was 8 out of 10, and after 10 visits her pain level was down to a 2 and has times when she has absolutely no pain at all.

“Now that my pain is gone, driving is a lot easier and basic everyday activities, like getting dressed, are much easier. You don’t realize how much the pain is affecting your life until you don’t have it anymore and life all of the sudden gets easier!” Norma was very happy that the staff took their time with her and showed genuine interest in her recovery. Norma has already recommended a friend of hers to come to ARC Physical Therapy and Pain Center for therapy.

Norma Stuyvesant
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