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Hsiao-wen Huang

Hsiao-Wen graduated from Florida College of Integrative Medicine and is a Florida Board certified (NCCAOM) acupuncturist. She is obtaining her PhD at Emperor’s College in Santa Monica, CA.

Hsiao-Wen believes holistic medicine helps with a multitude of ailments brought on by daily stressors. By changing one’s lifestyle, she believes that pain, stress and fatigue can be diminished and/or resolved. Through mindfulness and therapies such as Tui na, cupping, and acupuncture that focuses on muscles and meridians, Hsiao-Wen has brought relief to many people from all walks of life and is looking to help more people to live pain free life.

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Patricia Miller, P.T.A.

Patricia Miller, PTA, Serves the company as a licensed Physical Therapist Assistant and received her degree from Daytona State College in 2019.

After witnessing first-hand, the positive results obtained after just a few treatments in her clinical experience. Patricia received her certification to administer “LSVT BIG” a treatment plan for Parkinson’s (PD) patients, designed to improve function and slow the progression of the disease.

Patricia says, “I am blessed to be a part of the ARC Acupuncture and Physical Therapy Specialists’ team.” She states that the wealth of knowledge between her fellow clinicians and doctors has provided the drive to learn more with each interaction. She is determined to do everything she can to assist her patients in fulfilling their short- and long-term functional goals.

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Nathan Battles, P.T.A.

Nathan Battles, P.T.A. is a licensed Physical Therapist Assistant who practices at ARC Physical Therapy in several locations. He graduated with honors at Daytona State and enjoys furthering his skills, education, and certifications to this day.

Nathan specializes in corrective exercise and stretching techniques to target specific muscles and soft tissues in order to produce beneficial results for his patients. He also is an expert in teaching appropriate use of assistive devices to improve the gait of patients. Mr. Battles focuses on movement-based solutions to increase the effectiveness of his patient’s daily lives for long lasting relief.

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Jessica Corner, P.T.A.

Jessica Corner is a licensed Physical Therapist Assistant that graduated from Daytona State College in 2019 and joined the ARC family soon after. She is passionate about using skilled therapy to guide patients to recovery and enhance their quality of life.

Jessica is also a strong advocate for a natural approach to pain management and is honored to work for a company with the same values.

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Justin Nordeen, P.T.A.

Justin Nordeen, PTA, serves as a physical therapist assistant who is a graduate from Daytona State College’s competitive professional PTA program. He is also a graduate from the University of Central Florida holding a bachelor’s degree in Interdisciplinary studies with a focus in health science, physical science and a minor in fitness training. Justin began his career in sub-acute and outpatient facilities gaining valuable experience in orthopedic, cardiopulmonary, geriatric, and neurological conditions.

His passion as a PTA is to connect with every patient and to not only provide physical therapy, but to also help build their knowledge of their diagnoses, provide a tool box of individualized exercises to help have a preventative long-term effect. Justin is constantly building his knowledge base, and actively searching for continuing education to help him help those around him even more.

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Beni Pho, A.P

Beni joins ARC as a Staff Acupuncturist. His passion is to learn about alternative medicine in conjunction with physical therapy to provide medication free pain relief. Beni Started with ARC as a technician while obtaining his Acupuncture license and has had the benefit of working and learning aside our skilled staff. Beni helps to ensure a wonderful experience at ARC by always being warm and welcoming, providing services and assisting in the inner workings of our office.

He wishes to further his career life by learning from Dr. Wang’s extensive techniques, so he can integrate the knowledge of Oriental and Western Medicine to help his future patients live a pain free life. We are so happy to have Beni as part of our team at ARC!

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Madisyn Rutledge, Technician

Madisyn works as a technician within ARC working alongside our skilled clinicians, providing the highest quality care to our patients. It’s her passion to help patients feel better, learn personal healing and assist them on their journey to living pain free. Madisyn helps to ensure a wonderful experience at ARC by always being warm and welcoming, providing services and assisting in the inner workings of our office.

It’s our goal to ensure our patient’s comfort, relaxation and confidence while they are in our offices receiving care for a wide variety of issues. We are so pleased to have Madisyn as part of our excellent team and helping us meet our goals of helping our patients find freedom from pain!

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Jessica Stewart, P.T.A.

Jessica Stewart serves as a licensed physical therapist assistant since 2014 and received her degree from Suffolk College in NY State.

She began her career in sub-acute and outpatient rehabilitation gaining valuable experience in geriatric, orthopedic, and neurological conditions. She believes in a hands on approach to treatment and is motivated to become a certified manual therapist.

Jessica is enthusiastic to be part of the ARC team and is looking forward to helping patients reach their highest level of physical function.

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