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What Exactly is TMJ?

Temporomandibular Joint Pain

Temporomandibular Joint, or TMJ is not a condition; it is a term used to refer to a joint around the jaw. Symptoms of TMJ Disorder include pain in the jaw and surrounding areas; limited ability to open your mouth and snapping noises when you move your jaw. Other symptoms include numbness of the jaw and temporal area. Some of the causes of TMJ include stress (grinding the teeth), direct trauma, or bad diet habits like chewing on one side a lot.

Studies have found that many TMJ disorder sufferers can get relief through acupuncture and acupressure.

There have been a number of studies validating the efficacy of acupuncture in treating dental pain. One review (The Use of Acupuncture in Dentistry: a Systematic Review, P. Rosted, MD, The Medical Acupuncture Webpage) evaluated 15 studies. Eleven of the 15 studies found acupuncture to be effective. Of these, 7 involved acupuncture analgesia, 4 involved the treatment of facial pain and TMJ Disorders. The author noted that 11 of the fifteen studies showed acupuncture to be more effective than placebo, non-standard (sham) acupuncture, or that it was able to produce better or similar results to an accepted treatment procedure.

Very fine and thin needles are inserted on traditional acupuncture points around the jaw, between the ear and mandible. Some needles may be threaded near or along the joint line. Electrical stimulation is usually employed to cause a more sustained analgesic effect by allowing very tight muscles to fatigue and eventually relax and release their grip on surrounding nerve bundles.

To make the treatments even more effective, techniques in manual therapy are employed. These consist of joint mobilization and soft tissue work to resolve an alignment problem around the jaw that makes surrounding muscles tight enough to irritate nerves.

The combination of the acupuncture and physical or manual therapy is so effective that it does not only provide symptomatic relief but also resolves the root or underlying mechanical problem.

Dr. Ramon Gutierrez at ARC

Local Phtysical Therapist, Local Physical Therapy, Physical Therapist Near Me

Chen-hsi Hsiao, M.A., P.T.

Chen-hsi Hsiao is a Physical Therapy Specialist with experience in the United States and her native Taiwan. She earned a Master of Science degree in physical therapy at National Taiwan University, and a Bachelor of Science degree at National Yang-Ming University, Taiwan.

Her professional background includes Far East Memorial Hospital, Da-Cheng Orthopedic Clinic and Shih-Fang Orthopedic Clinic, all in Taiwan. Now a member of the ARC Acupuncture & Physical Therapy team, Chen-hsi brings her knowledge and skill to promote the ability of her patients to perform daily functions, reduce pain and prevent disability. She is a licensed physical therapist in Florida, New York and Taiwan.

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Menn-Li Lin, M.A., P.T.

Menn-Li Lin, M.A., P.T. serves the company as Operations Manager, Financial Manager, and Senior Physical Therapist. Mrs. Lin received her bachelors degree from the National Taiwan University and her masters degree in physical therapy from New York University, with emphasis on developmental disabilities. Mrs. Lin has achieved the prestigious title of Neuro-Developmental Technique (NDT) Specialist, which involves substantial training in neurological rehabilitation.

She brings 25 years of extensive clinical experience in Physical Therapy specializing in Neurological and orthopaedic rehabilitation services offered by our company. She has held such prominent positions as the Chief Physical Therapist at the Manhattan Developmental Center in New York and at the Jen-Chi Hospital in Taiwan. Mrs. Lin has been involved in the care of Central Floridians since 1991.

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Po-Nan Lai, D.P.T.

Po-Nan Lai, received his doctor degree in physical therapy at New York University. He is a certified physical therapist in both Florida and New York States. Dr. Lai used to practice at out- and in-patient departments in the general hospital as well as home based setting. Therefore, he is experienced in working with diverse population with geriatric, orthopedic, neurologic, cardiopulmonary and pediatric condition.

As a physical therapist in ARC, Dr. Lai integrates the knowledge of different systems of human body to resolve your pain, and prescribe proper exercise to reinforce the long-term treatment effect.

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Pei-Yu Shih, PT, DPT

Pei-Yu Shih, PT, DPT, serves the company as a staff Physical Therapist. Dr. Shih received her bachelor degree from the National Taiwan University in 1996, and her advanced doctoral degree of Physical Therapy from New York University in 2009.

During her 10 years experience in clinical physical therapy, Dr. Shih served as the chief physical therapist at several outpatient clinics in Taiwan. She works extensively with patients with orthopedic injuries, chronic pain, and neurological disorders. Dr. Shih joins ARC since 2009 and provides specialized physical therapy service in pain management for outpatient in ARC.

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Dr. Charng-Shen Wang A.P., M.A., P.T., C.M.T.

Charng-Shen Wang, A.P., M.A., P.T., C.M.T. serves as the CEO and Director of our eight clinics. Dr. Wang is both a Licensed Acupuncturist and Physical Therapist. He apprenticed in the field of Traditional Chinese Medicine prior to receiving his bachelors degree in physical therapy from the National Taiwan University. He then pursued and received his advanced masters degree in physical therapy from New York University.

In 1993 Dr. Wang attained certification as a manual therapist and graduated from the John Shen Institute with his certificate in acupuncture. He has served as a clinician and Physical Therapy Director for numerous companies in the Central Florida area. He is a member of the National Commission for the Certification of Acupuncturists.

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Dr. Hosanna Sebastian D.O.M., A.P.

Hosanna Sebastian graduated from the Florida College of Integrative Medicine with a bachelor in Professional health studies; she then continued on to obtain a Master’s degree in Oriental Medicine. She is a licensed acupuncturist. Her background in nutritional coaching and physical fitness makes her the perfect addition to the ARC team. Hosanna has a passion for helping her patients improve their overall quality of life through holistic and integrative care. Under her care, patients find relief from their chronic conditions and live pain free!

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Dr. Mike Adler D.O.M., A.P.

Michael Adler graduated from University of Central Florida with a Bachelor of Science in Exercise and Medical Science. He then continued onto the Florida College of Integrative Medicine, where he received a Doctorate in Oriental medicine, he is NCCAOM Board Certified in Oriental Medicine. Michael is a skilled acupuncturist and practices Cupping, Tuina, and Herbology.

He is committed to help his patients achieve an active, healthy and pain-free life.

Michael continues to expand his career and knowledge by studying Dr. Wang’s technique so he can further integrate his knowledge of Oriental and Western Medicine to provide his patients with the highest quality care.

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Dr. Derek Wang L.C., D.O.M.

Derek graduated in 2013 with a Bachelor in biology from the University of Central Florida; he continued on to graduate with a Doctorate of Chiropractic in 2017 from Palmer college of Chiropractic. After taking time to work and study Derek decided to further his expertise by attending the Florida College of Integrative Medicine. At the FCIM Derek graduated in 2022 with a Bachelor of Science in Health Science and a Master’s degree in Oriental Medicine. Derek is a licensed chiropractic physician and licensed acupuncturist in Florida. Dr. Wang seeks to integrate his knowledge of both allopathic and holistic medicine into his treatments to provide patients with optimal care and results.

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