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Nilda Acevedo
Nilda was glad that it was very different from
her other failed attempts at physical therapy.
Nilda Acevedo, a good natured and positive minded, 61 year old woman, has been suffering with fibromyalgia since 1987. Her fibromyalgia had been causing her pain from head to toe. Nilda also has spurs in her knees which has caused excruciating pain in her legs. Nilda was unable to do any stationary standing at all and she was taking medication for pain two to three times a week. Nilda also received multiple cortisone shots that had little to no affect, besides causing weight gain!

In 1994 Nilda received physical therapy, but it wasn't effective. Nilda felt as though the therapists didn't give her specific problems enough individualized attention. She again tried physical therapy in 2000, but unfortunately, it didn't give Nilda any relief. Finally, Nilda saw a rheumatologist that recommended physical therapy and acupuncture treatments.

Nilda then came to ARC Physical Therapy and Pain Center. Nilda was very impressed with how the therapists took their time to find out where the pain was coming from…and offered her a step by step prognosis. Nilda was glad that it was very different from her other failed attempts at physical therapy. While receiving therapy at ARC, Nilda had acupuncture, acupuncture with stimulation, cupping, physical therapy and massage therapy.

After a month of treatment, Nilda is now able to stand stationary for longer periods of time, enabling her to cook and wash dishes. Nilda is just thrilled that she "hasn't taken any pain killers since the first week of treatment!" Nilda is so happy that the staff here at ARC Physical Therapy and Pain Center is so knowledgeable and gives such excellent care. Nilda has already recommended a friend of hers to ARC who is already creating their own success story.