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Shirley Charles had been suffering with pain in her right shoulder from bicepital tendonitis for over one month. Shirley was unable to move her right arm and she said, “The pain was awful”. Shirley went on to say, “I had to use my left arm to raise my right arm”. Shirley was unable to reach into cabinets and had difficulty performing regular, everyday activities like cleaning and dressing.

Before coming to ARC Physical Therapy and Pain Center, Shirley had tried two cortisone shots. Unfortunately, the shots gave her very temporary relief at best. Her doctor then recommended the combination therapy of acupuncture and physical therapy to help with her pain and mobility. “Even just after my first treatment”, proclaimed Shirley, “I began to feel much better and was very impressed!”

While receiving physical therapy at ARC, Shirley had manual therapy, shoulder mobilizations and soft tissue release along with stretching and strengthening exercises. Shirley also received acupuncture with stimulation in combination to achieve optimum results. When Shirley first started her treatment with ARC, she reported a pain level of 7 out of 10. After one month’s worth of treatments, Shirley’s pain is now down to a 0.

Shirley said with delight, “I feel better about myself. I wake up in the morning with no pain! After my treatments, I just feel like a better person.” Shirley went on to say that she would be comfortable recommending ARC Physical Therapy and Pain Center to anyone in pain… She said, “Spending time at ARC is like spending time with friends who listen and care!”
Shirley Charles
“After Treatment at ARC Physical Therapy and Pain Center,
I Feel Like a Better Person”