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Kovee Clair
There is hope for Fibromyalgia sufferers...
Kovee Clair was suffering from fibromyalgia for the past three years… She said that everything hurt. Her pain was mainly in her shoulders, upper back and hip area. She had also had 2 major strokes and countless minor strokes around the same time she was diagnosed with fibromyalgia. Kovee was having regular falling accidents, she was unable to go upstairs, she couldn't walk any distances and was unable to raise her arms up over her head. Kovee's life was very limited, even after receiving traditional physical therapy and occupational therapy… She had even resorted to receiving treatment from a chiropractor. Unfortunately, none of these treatments gave Kovee any relief. The doctor that had been treating her fibromyalgia recommended acupuncture treatment.

Kovee came to ARC Physical Therapy and Pain Center with the hopes of getting some relief. After her first visit she was surprised that she felt better. She really started to feel the long term relief after about 5 treatments. Kovee received physical therapy, massage therapy, cupping and acupuncture with stimulation. Kovee can now climb stairs for the first time in three years, she can raise her arms over her head, and she hasn't been having any falling accidents recently.

Kovee was very impressed with the staff at ARC Physical Therapy and Pain Center. She felt as though the staff was very knowledgeable, professional and courteous. She is just thrilled that she no longer feels pain everywhere. Kovee thought, like many fibromyalgia sufferers, that there wasn't any hope for her condition. She tells everyone she knows about the therapy and care she has received from ARC and hopes that her testimonial will help others recover from pain as well.