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Terri Conley
Pain From An Injury Can Change Your Life In An Instant

Terri Conley has been receiving treatment at the Port Orange ARC Physical Therapy and Pain Center. She came to ARC because she was unable to lift her right arm up over her head without excruciating pain from her neck, shoulder and arm. Terri was also unable to sleep through the night because her pain was so bad. The pain had started from something as simple as lifting boxes while moving.


Terri said, “I can’t hardly do my regular housework or my morning exercises”. Terri knew that she wanted to try acupuncture for the pain and contacted ARC Physical Therapy and Pain Center for a free consultation. When Terri arrived at ARC she said her pain level was at a level 10 out of 10. After receiving acupuncture, acupuncture with stimulation, Moxa, along with manual manipulations and massage, Terri’s pain level has diminished to a 0 out of 10.


Terri is very happy that she can now get back to her housework and exercise. Terri admits, “I was a little nervous about the needles. But, after a while it made me feel better, even if I looked like a pin cushion!” Terri went on to say that, “since acupuncture is the ancient Chinese method of treatment, I believed that it would help me get better. And, it sure did, better than I expected!”


Terri thought the staff was kind, polite, and friendly, making her visits something to look forward to. Terri says she is going to recommend ARC Physical Therapy and Pain Center to anyone she meets with chronic pain.