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Wanda DiCicco
Years of Arthritis and  Joint Pain coming to an end
Wanda DiCicco, a vibrant, 50 year old woman has been suffering from arthritis and joint pain for several years. Her pain was consistently an 8-9 out of 10. Her pain was limiting her from performing simple daily activities such as reaching in cabinets, picking things up off the floor and even getting dressed was quite difficult and painful.

Wanda found temporary relief from cortisone treatments in her shoulders but did not like getting the shots on a regular basis. Her Rheumatologist recommended that she come to ARC Physical Therapy and Pain Center for further treatment. She had never received acupuncture before but with the pain she was feeling, she was willing to try it out.

After the first few treatments of acupuncture and cupping, she was feeling immediate relief from the chronic pain she had been feeling, which encouraged her to continue with the treatment. Wanda also receives massage therapy, ultra-sound and exercise… she no longer receives any cortisone treatments.

After 9 visits, Wanda is now able to reach in her cabinets, pick things up off the floor and get dressed without the major pain she once felt with these activities. Wanda feels that the staff at ARC "really cares" and gives "quality attention" by answering all her questions. She truly thinks that she is finally getting lasting results and ARC has "made a believer out of her".