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Rosemarie Donoghue
After 40 years of pain, I am able to have a life again!
Rosemarie Donoghue had been suffering with hip pain for 40 years, it had gotten progressively worse and had become severe. Rosemarie believes the pain may have stemmed from an auto accident. Rosemarie said, “I would get sharp pains that would stop me in my tracks.” She went on to say, “I stopped exercising, I had a hard time working in the yard, and I had gradually become sedentary.” Her husband had received treatment at ARC Physical Therapy and Pain Center for arthritis in the back and had experienced success with the treatments. After seeing the relief that ARC was giving her husband, Rosemarie decided to try it out herself.

After Rosemarie’s first visit, she expressed, “I never realized how much pain I was in until the pain was alleviated. After my first treatment, I felt an overall sense of well-being, I really felt good!” Rosemarie has received acupuncture with stimulation, physical therapy, massage therapy and cupping at her treatments with the ARC therapists. Rosemarie has come to her visits faithfully three times a week for four weeks. She said with amazement, “This is the first time in my life that I have followed through with something that required a three times a week commitment, and I’m 68 years old!” The reason she followed through, was because she felt the treatments working.

After 10 treatments, Rosemarie is now able to go for walks with her grandchildren and she can accompany them to the mall. She said with delight, “I am able to have a life again!”

Rosemarie said in reference to the staff at ARC, “I wish I could take the home with me because they are the nicest most efficient group of people I’ve ever met!” Rosemarie went onto say how she tells everyone she knows about her and her husband’s success at ARC Physical Therapy and Pain Center.