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Mary Keys
Combination Therapy was the Key to my Pain Relief

Mary K. Keys had been suffering from spondylolisthesis which caused continuous back and leg pain. It is common for this disorder to cause pain in the low back, thighs, and/or legs, muscle spasms, weakness, and/or tight hamstring muscles. Unfortunately, Mary was experiencing these symptoms at a pain level of 7 out of 10.


Mary hurt when she walked or bent over and she said, “I couldn’t stand for periods of 30 minutes without terrible pain”. So, any activity that required standing in line or waiting while standing was impossible for her to do. In an effort to help her pain, she received shots in her spine, she used hot and cold packs and massage treatments. These treatments only supplied temporary relief, at best.


Finally, Mary’s doctor sent her to a rheumatologist to help her with this condition. Mary’s rheumatologist recommended that she come to ARC Physical Therapy and Pain Center for Physical Therapy and Acupuncture treatments. Mary received manual physical therapy, acupuncture, cupping and massage therapy from the therapists at ARC. After receiving some treatments, Mary expressed, “I am very pleased with the treatments I have received and the changes I feel. I feel the combination of treatments here is the key”. Mary believes that it was the combination that finally gave her pain relief.


Mary went on to say, “It’s very exciting not to have the constant back pain and leg muscle pain. I do my exercises everyday and really feel the difference”. Mary also expressed how friendly and knowledgeable the staff at ARC was during her therapy and how she would be happy to recommend anyone and everyone she knew that was suffering with chronic and severe pain.