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Rejane Jane Murphy
Degenerated Discs Does Not Mean You Have To Live a Degenerated Life!

Rejane, Jane, Murphy is sure glad she came to ARC Physical Therapy and Pain Center. Jane had been suffering from neck pain and stiffness for over a month. She was diagnosed with degenerated discs and the pain was getting worse and worse. When she first came to ARC Physical Therapy and Pain Center, she told the therapists that her pain level was 10 out of 10. Even though her pain was mainly in the neck, she was in agony and hurt all over.


Jane was unable to sew and read and the pain affected her sleep and driving. Her primary care physician gave her some muscle relaxants that unfortunately didn't work at all. Her physician then recommended that she come to ARC Physical Therapy and Pain Center for treatment. When Jane came to her first appointment, she thought it was great. Jane was impressed with all the individual attention she received.


Along with acupuncture, Jane also received physical therapy, massage therapy, acu-pressure and acupuncture with stimulation. Her pain did go up and down the first 2 weeks of treatment… But Jane hung in there and after 12 treatments, her pain is now at a level 0 out of 10! Jane is just thrilled that she is back to sewing and reading, her driving has become easier and she is sleeping much better.


Jane has recommended many of her friends to ARC Physical Therapy and Pain Center. Since the staff was so knowledgeable and successful, she is completely comfortable recommending ARC to anyone with chronic pain.