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Annie Price
Annie Price, a sweet, independent, 84 year old young lady had been suffering from lower back pain for over thirty years. Unfortunately, she had also developed severe neck pain and neck stiffness as the years went on. Along with her severe back pain, Annie was unable to move her neck to left at all… She was afraid to drive, she wasn't sleeping well, and she was unable to do some housework, such as vacuuming. Annie had spinal injections for her back pain and also saw a chiropractor in the hopes of getting some relief. But much to her dismay, both of these treatments gave Annie only temporary relief.

Thankfully, Annie's insightful daughter had told her about the success stories she had heard about acupuncture. Annie asked her primary care physician and he agreed that acupuncture is an affective treatment and he recommended ARC Physical Therapy and Pain Center. After Annie's first visit, she was sure she had come to the right place. She thought the staff and therapists were very knowledgeable and she was impressed with their willingness to take their time to talk to her, answer all her questions and address her concerns.

While at ARC Physical Therapy and Pain Center, Annie received acupuncture, acupuncture with stimulation, physical therapy and massage therapy. After a month and a half of therapy, Annie is able to finally move her neck to left with out pain, she is driving better, does more housework, and just the other night, Annie had her best night's sleep in years and years. When she came to ARC, her pain was at a level 9 out of 10… It is now down to a 2 out of 10.

Annie is so excited to finally have her pain under control… without pain medication… without injections… and with a restored faith in the healing powers of acupuncture. Annie tells all her friends her success story and encourages them to come to ARC Physical Therapy and Pain Center, so they can have their own success stories.
30 Years of Back Pain...Gone!