Our Therapists

Our therapists hold all required licenses and certifications, including advanced degrees in their field. Their extensive knowledge, healing skills and years of experience can help you achieve relief from pain and an improvement in health and well-being.

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Physical Therapists

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Dr. Charng-Shen Wang A.P., M.A., P.T., C.M.T.
Pei - Yu Shih D.P.T.
Po-Nan Lai D.P.T.
Dr. Montana V. Ho P.T., D.P.T., D.O.M.
Richard Bledsoe P.T.
Menn-Li Lin M.A., P.T.
Howard Chiu P.T., D.P.T.
Chen-Hsi "Alicia" Hsiao P.T.
Hsiao-Yun "Winni" Hu P.T.
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