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Chinese Herbal Medicine
Herbal medicine is the main treatment method within Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). TCM is the world's oldest, continually practiced professional medicine. Its written history stretches back over 2,500 years and its practice likely dates back longer. It utilizes naturally available herbs to treat dysfunctions and diseases, rather than using synthesized chemicals. Chinese herbs have a balancing or regulating effect on the body and are usually more gentle compared to even common, over-the-counter Western drugs. This means that side effects are minimal.

Although acupuncture was the first Chinese method of treatment to gain wide acceptance in the West, Chinese herbal medicine is quickly establishing itself as one of the most popular and effective alternative therapies in the West. Chinese herbal medicine is based on a highly developed integrative approach to diagnose and treat medical conditions. All the diagnoses are made from the signs and symptoms your body reveals. The acupuncturist will determine how each organ in your body is functioning. The subtle variations in the pulse in the wrist, the sound of your voice, the condition and appearance of your tongue, face and skin - are all important indicators of your condition. Herbs are formulated according to your diagnosis specifically.

Chinese herbal medicine is a comprehensive form of medicine that can effectively address a wide variety of conditions. It has a long clinical history of treating acute and chronic conditions. It excels in treating conditions that Western medicine has difficulty in treating as well as conditions that do not have a Western diagnosis.