Wei-Hsin “Jenny” Lin, received her doctorate degree in physical therapy at Loma Linda University. She is a certified Physical Therapist in both Maryland and Florida. Dr. Lin has spent many years studying her field and has apprenticed in the fields of orthopedic, pediatric, neurologic, and cardiopulmonary under both the hospital and outpatient setting. In addition to being a certified physical therapist she is also a certified Redcord® suspension training practitioner and kinesio taping practitioner which focuses on human body anatomy and kinesiology. Dr. Lin treats the body as a whole to find and eliminate the root cause of pain.

As a physical therapist within ARC’s skilled team, Dr. Lin integrates her own experience with Dr. Wang’s technique to resolve each patient’s individual problem and create treatment plans that build long lasting effects. Using the combination of our treatments she strives to help each of our patients live pain free!

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