Ramon Gutierrez, A.P., M.A.

Ramon L. Gutierrez, A.P., M.A. Serves as a staff acupuncture physician. He brings a wealth of clinical experience to ARC with extensive training in both Western and Oriental Medicine. He earned his doctorate in Medicine from the University of the East in the Philippines where he practiced family medicine in 1993. He gave up his lucrative career to pursue post graduate studies in Alternative/Complimentary Medicine. He earned his masters degree from Santa Barbara College of Oriental Medicine, California, in 2001 and had been in active practice as a board certified acupuncturist and herbalist. Dr. Gutierrez is a strong patient advocate and firmly believes in holistic care. While most of his patients receive effective and lasting results from his treatments, Dr Gutierrez provides a lasting impression by treating the total person in the patient.

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