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Jul 26 -  marianneb, Mount Dora

 I'm so pleased with my results. After seeing Dr. Shih and Dr. Lee for the last several months my pain has been reduced almost completely. Thank you to them and also the staff, Roxanne, Jessica. Helpful direction for exercising at home. I will recommend ARC in the future.” 

Jul 2 - Joanns, EUSTIS

First of all, this is a very comfortable place to go. The people are pleasant, friendly, and most of all caring. Second, i think the combination of treatments is what seems to help most. You definitely leave tired and know that you have had work done. But the positive results are amazing. Everyone is different. But after trying traditional medicine and then chiropractics, this has proven to have much better results.

Jun 1 - charmat, South Daytona

 Great service. Staff helpful, polite and friendly.

May 29 - deborahf, Eustis

I was very impressed with my first visit to ARC. I feel confident that I will have the results I am hoping for. The staff were all excellent and I felt I was in good hands.

May 19 - robertn, Umatilla

Very efficient from making appointment, registering, wait time, treatment and quality of care. They seem genuinely concerned and kind. No success yet after 3 visits, but I have a tough problem.

April 27 - ezrak, Orlando

I was pleasantly surprised on how nice the office was, the helpfulness of the staff and the quality care that was given to my son. Everyone was professional and friendly. Excited to see the results after 6 weeks of therapy with such a great group of people. A mother's prayers answered.

April 21 - nancye, Sorrento

I was taken in almost immediately. Very nice and caring staff. They did everything they could to make me comfortable.

April 10 - catherinek, Mt Dora

I began my journey with ARC in November-December of 2015. I never subscribed to Eastern Healing beliefs until my niece showed dramatic improvements in her life thru Acupuncture. The idea of someone sticking needles in me was not the least appealing to me until I began having episodes when my entire body ached continuously for a period of 2 1/2 wks....all from a bulging disc. The day to day challenges of dealing with simple minutiae was growing unbearable for me, the feelings of malaise and the recurring flu-like symptoms of achiness in both my IT Bands & throughout my body is what caused me to contact ARC Acupuncture.

The Doctors and therapists listen to my concerns and I made exceptional improvement within the first few days of treatment in 2015. I started back with ARC in February 2016 due to the return of the flu-like symptoms and will continue with treatment until I can begin swimming later this April.

I would tell anyone dealing with chronic pain to call ARC for a free consultation. Don't put it off!

April 9 - luisr, Mt Dora

I like the method used for therapies, it is very different from other and the acupuncture Im already recommended to all my friends, thanks.

April 3 - johnk, Orlando

The staff and physicians at ARC have treated me professionally and with courtesy. I have now received two acupuncture treatments and therapy sessions and already am experiencing some relief from pain. I have been suffering from lower back pain with radiating pain down my legs for over 12 years. Previous doctors have only given me more and more pain medication, but did not bring about any change in my condition. I feel that finally I am on the path to improvement in my back. Praise God.

April 2 - joanns, EUSTIS

Very pleasant experience. Everyone was knowledgable and informative and seemed to listen and care about what was happening. Definitely will tell anyone looking for help that this is the place to go.

Mar 19 - robertm, Casselberry

I have suffered with a pinched nerve and wanting to avoid surgery, I discoveyed ARC. The entire staff is focused on healing. The time they spend on each patient compared to other physical therapies is outstanding. The improvement I have felt over the past year has made be a true believer of this approach to healing and maintaining a healthy back. I recommend them to anyone who has been disappointed with other approaches. Thank you ARC.


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